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Hi. I'm Don Robertson, the man behind Musical Kaleidoscope - a non-profit 21st-century educational project now under development. My wife Mary Ellen Bickford is a visual artist and I am a composer and writer. Together we are creating the music-education content for our Musical Kaleidoscope Project. We made the following 15-minute video as a showcase for the four great musical traditions that had been spawned in the American South during the 20th-century: the genres of jazz, blues, gospel and country...

"Sacred Music from the American South" by Don Robertson and Mary Ellen Bickford

In the following video, you are invited to take a 23-minute tour through the land of Musical Kaleidoscope...

Discover the Difference Between Positive and Negative Music:
In the 20-minute video below, I introduce the concept of positive and negative music that I discovered back in 1967, with musical examples that illustrate the difference between music that beneficial, and music that is destructive...

The Z Generation

The demographic that our work is targeting is that of the so-called "Z Generation," our youngest generation - those born after the mid-1990s. Many members of this generation are turning against the cultural tide that my own generation ultimately gave them: an iconoclastism initiated during the rebellion of the youth of the 1950s. The bent of these members of the Z Generation is conservative, with an interest in culture: its romance, and its refinements. Young musicians and listeners search the internet, discovering the world's great music treasures from past times and places.

A Cultural Renaissance

Our Musical Kaleidoscope Project, first begun in 1997, focuses on music from all great traditions and eras, employing a revolutionary application interface (API) that has been under development since 2007. Musical Kaleidoscope unites great music with its surrounding culture, amplifying its value by encorporating the educational material, scores and publications that define it. Musical Kaleidoscope brings 21st-century music education to TV, tablet and handheld platforms. Contact Kathi at the Rising World Foundation for more information (

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