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Composer Composition & Score Wikipedia YouTube Links
Bach, J.C. Sinfonia Op. 3, No. 2 Listen
Bach, J.C. Sinfonia Op. 3, No. 3 Listen
Bach, J.C. Sinfonia Op. 9, No. 2 Listen
Bach, J.C. Sinfonia Op. 18, No. 1 Listen
Bach, J.S. Orchestra Suite No. 3 in D Major Johann Sebastian Bach Video
Barber, Samuel Adagio for Strings Adagio For Strings Video
Bartók, Béla Suite No. 2, Op. 4 (Movements 1&2) Playlist
Beethoven, Ludwig Overtures Overtures - Beethoven Playlist
Beethoven, Ludwig Symphony No. 1 Symphony No. 1 Playlist Analysis
Beethoven, Ludwig Symphony No. 2 Symphony No. 2 Playlist Analysis
Beethoven, Ludwig Symphony No. 3 Symphony No. 3 Playlist Analysis
Beethoven, Ludwig Symphony No. 4 Symphony No. 4 Playlist Analysis
Beethoven, Ludwig Symphony No. 5 Symphony No. 5 Playlist Analysis
Beethoven, Ludwig Symphony No. 6 Symphony No. 6 Analysis
Beethoven, Ludwig Symphony No. 7 Symphony No. 7 Playlist Analysis
Beethoven, Ludwig Symphony No. 8 Symphony No. 8   Analysis
Beethoven, Ludwig Symphony No. 9 Symphony No. 9 Playlist Analysis
Brahms, Johannes Symphony No. 2 Brahms Symphony 2 Playlist
Brahms, Johannes Symphony No. 4 Brahms Symphony 4 Playlist
Bruckner, Anton Symphony No. 3 Bruckner Symphony 3 Playlist
Bruckner, Anton Symphony No. 4 Bruckner Symphony 4 Playlist
Bruckner, Anton Symphony No. 5 Bruckner Symphony 5  
Bruckner, Anton Symphony No. 6 Bruckner Symphony 6 Playlist
Bruckner, Anton Symphony No. 7 Bruckner Symphony 7 Playlist
Bruckner, Anton Symphony No. 8 Bruckner Symphony 8 Playlist
Bruckner, Anton Symphony No. 9 Bruckner Symphony 9 Recon
Chausson, Ernest Viviane, symphonic poem, Op.5 Viviane Listen
Chausson, Ernest Soir de Fête, symphonic poem, Op.32 Listen
Chausson, Ernest Symphony in B flat major, Op. 20 Symphony Playlist
Debussy, Claude Danses Sacree et Profane Video
Debussy, Claude Nocturnes Nocturnes
Debussy, Claude Printemps
Debussy, Claude Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un Faun Prelude... Listen
Debussy, Claude La mer La mer
Duparc, Henri Aux étoiles Listen
Duparc, Henri Danse lente
Duparc, Henri Lénore Listen
Duruflé, Maurice Three Dances for Orchestra
Dvořák, Antonín Symphony No. 9 "From the New World" Symphony No. 9 Playlist
Franck, César Symphonic Variations Symphonic Variations Playlist
Franck, César Entràcte Pastoral from "Hulda"
Franck, César Symphony in D Minor Symphony in D Minor Playlist
Franck, César Psyché Suite Playlist
Franck, César Les Éolides Video
Franck, César Les Djinns Video
Franck, César Ce qu'on entend sur la montagne
Gabrieli, Giovanni Canzona quarti toni
Glière, Reinhold Symphony No.3, Op.42 'Ilya Murometz' Ilya Muromets
Górecki, Henryk Symphony No. 3 Symphony No. 3
Hanson, Howard Symphony No. 2 Symphony No. 2 Listen Spotify
Hovhaness, Alan Mysterious Mountain Playlist
Holst, Gustav The Planets The Planets Playlist
Ibert, Jacques Escales
d'Indy, Vincent Jour d'ete, Op. 61 DoveSong
d'Indy, Vincent Souvenirs, Poeme pour orchestra, Op. 62 DoveSong
d'Indy, Vincent Symphony on a French Mountain Air Symphony Op. No. 25 DoveSong
d'Indy, Vincent Tableaux de Voyage Op 36 DoveSong
Jongen, Joseph Symphonie Concertante for Organ & Orch.
Khachaturian, Aram Masquerade Suite Masquerade Suite
Lekeu, Guillaume Deuxième étude symphonique
Lekeu, Guillaume Adagio pour quartet d'orchestre
Lyadov, Anatoly The Enchanted Lake, Op. 62 Listen
Mozart, W. Amadeus Symphony No. 41, K 551 Jupiter Symphony
Magnard Symphony No. 1
Mussorgsky, M. P. Pictures at an Exhibition Pictures at an Exhibition
Nielsen, Carl Symphony No. 2 Symphony No. 2
Orff, Carl Entrata after "The Bells" by William Byrd
Ravel, Maurice Le Tombeau de Couperin Le Tombeau de Couperin
Ravel, Maurice Alborada del Gracioso
Respighi, Ottorino Fountains of Rome Fountains of Rome
Respighi, Ottorino Pines of Rome Pines of Rome
Rimsky-Korsakov Russian Easter Overture Russian Easter Overture
Rimsky-Korsakov Tale Of the Tsar Saltan, Op. 57 Tale Of the Tsar Saltan Playlist
Rimsky-Korsakov May Night Overture May Night Listen
Rimsky-Korsakov Sadko, Op. 5 Sadko
Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade Scheherazade
Rimsky-Korsakov Capriccio_Espagnol Capriccio Espagnol
Ropartz, Joseph Guy Symphony No. 1
Ropartz, Joseph Guy Symphony No. 2
Ropartz, Joseph Guy Symphony No. 4
Ropartz, Joseph Guy Symphony No. 5
Ropartz, Joseph Guy Soir sur les chaumes Listen
Ropartz, Joseph Guy La Chasse du Prince Arthur Listen
Ropartz, Joseph Guy Pêcheur d'Islande Listen
Ropartz, Joseph Guy La Cloche des morts Listen
Saint-Saëns, Camille Symphony No. 3 Symphony No. 3 Playlist
Schubert, Franz Symphony No. 8, the Unfinished Symphony No. 8
Schubert, Franz Symphony No. 9 in C Major Symphony No. 9
Schumann, Robert Symphony No. 2 in C Major
Schumann, Robert Symphony No. 3 n Eb, the "Rhenish"
Scriabin, Alexander Symphony No. 2 Symphony No. 2 Playlist
Scriabin, Alexander Symphony No. 3 "The Divine Poem" Symphony No. 3 Playlist
Sibelius, Jean Symphony No. 1 Playlist
Sibelius, Jean Symphony No. 2 Playlist
Sibelius, Jean Symphony No. 3
Sibelius, Jean Symphony No. 5
Sibelius, Jean Symphony No. 6
Sibelius, Jean Symphony No. 7 Playlist
Sibelius, Jean En Saga En Saga Video
Sibelius, Jean Oceanides Oceanides Listen
Sibelius, Jean Tapiola Tapiola Listen
Sibelius, Jean The Swan of Tuonela The Swan of Tuonela Video
Sibelius, Jean Pohjola's Daughter Pohjola's Daughter Video
Sibelius, Jean Pelléas et Mélisande Pelléas et Mélisande
Sibelius, Jean Spring Song Spring Song Listen
Sibelius, Jean The Bard, Op. 64 The Bard Listen
Sibelius, Jean Karelia Suite Op. 11 Karelia Suite
Sibelius, Jean Valse triste from Kuolema Valse triste Video
Sibelius, Jean Scene with Cranes from Kuolema Kuolema Listen
Smetana, Bedřich Vltava from Má Vlast ("The Moldau") Má Vlast Listen
Stravinsky, Igor Firebird Suite 1919 Firebird Playlist
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Swan Lake Swan Lake
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Symphony No. 4 Symphony No. 4
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Symphony No. 5 Symphony No. 5
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Symphony No. 6 Symphony No. 6
Tournemire Poeme, Op 38 for Organ and Orchestra
Wagner, Richard Siegfried Idyll (orchestral version) Siegfried Idyll
Wagner, Richard Parsifal Prelude and Good Friday Spell Parsifal
Wagner, Richard Tannhäuser Overture Tannhäuser
Wagner, Richard Lohengrin Prelude Lohengrin Video
Wagner, Richard Die Meistersinger Prelude Die Meistersinger
Wagner, Richard Prelude & Love Death - Tristan und Isolde Tristan_und_Isolde
Wagner, Richard Wotan's Farewell & Magic Fire Der_Ring_des_Nibelungen
Wagner, Richard Forrest Murmers Der_Ring_des_Nibelungen Video
Wagner, Richard Siegfried's Rhine Journey Der_Ring_des_Nibelungen
Weber Overture to Der Freischutz Video

European Classical Music

Don Robertson (February 1, 2012)

The lists of music recommendations that I am providing on this and the other pages of Musical Kaleidoscope are the result of research that I began in 1969 after realizing that at the beginning of the 20th century, the harmonic structure of our classical music had begun changing from one that was concord-based to one that was based on discords, and that a new music was then emerging that would soon provide the background for the destructive exploitation that took place during the 20th century, creating conditions that are now widely recognized as extremely dangerous: atomic energy, deadly missiles, poisoned food and water, mass brainwashing, financial disaster, and the destruction of natural habitant and the climate. I believe that all of this was clearly forecast in such early 20th-century music compositions as Anton Webern's Six Pieces for Orchestra, composed in 1909: music that is filled with foreboding and the cold metallic energy of the coming century; music based on the square of materialism instead of the triangle of harmony.

In 1969, I began what I now call "Don Robertson's Music Revolution." This revolution, which I formally set in motion on February 1, 2012, is about returning to the harmonic principles of nature - shifting from the discordant music created during the 20th century to the concord and pure harmony that exists in all traditional music, including pre-20th-century European classical music. During that year, I began a very thorough study of music to determine which music compositions, in my opinion, had true greatness, according to the music's inherent spiritual and/or emotional relevance. I am still working on this study today. The page above contains one of the lists that is a result of my study. I will continue to add music to this list as I discover it. This work is the result of over 42 years of intense research and consists of my recommendations of music for orchestra conductors to program, radio programmers to broadcast, students to study, musicians to play or sing, and for everyone to enjoy.

The list on this page is highly controversial because its contents run against the grain of what most musicologists, writers, and classically trained musicians and academics consider the "20th-century masterworks" (and I have studied and listened to them all for many years and know them well). Instead you will find works by composers who have been completely ignored, like the great 16th-century composer Tomas Luis de Victoria and the 20th-century composer Joseph-Guy Ropartz, and works by composers like Richard Wagner, Cesar Franck, and Jean Sibelius, who have been reviled and discredited by so many writers and academics throughout the 20th century.

For further clarification, I offer three articles that I wrote in years past that express what I am saying here in more detail:

Nero Fiddles While Rome Burns: A Cold Saturday Night in Nashville with Hilary Hahn

Guy Ropartz: A Truly Forgotten Great Composer

The Classical Music of the 21st Century (pdf)

Additionally, the chapters on 20th Century and 21st Century classical music from my book "Music Through the Centuries" are available to read for free, online.

I also recommend reading "Harmony" by the Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales (You can read Chapter One here for free). The book is available on Amazon: (Hardcover) (Audio) (Children's Edition) and (Kindle).

I believe that Prince Charles' book on harmony provides an important wake-up call for the 21st century.

Life on Planet Earth is quickly changing. Climate change is already transforming our lives as the ice caps continue to melt, and now the permafrost is melting also, releasing dangerous levels of methane gas in the process. There is no reason to live in denial; personal choice is now required. As Bob Dylan so aptly put it: "He not busy being born is busy dying." But before real change on a large scale can take place, we must first CHANGE THE MUSIC, which, because of its property of resonance, has a powerful influence on all of us! Every day, negative music fills our TV channels, radios, films, and provides the underlying energy for a large number of commercials. It is effecting us in powerful ways, more than many of us realize!

Don Robertson's Music Revolution is about choices: taking a part in bringing great music back into our concert halls, the "air waves," malls, restaurants, and most importantly, into our schools. The music listed in the Repertoire Section of Musical Kaleidoscope is where I recommend we begin.

And last, but not least, I recommend my new book called "The Scale." It clearly explains the true harmonic value of music. It is my handbook for the Music Revolution.

Please remember that revolutions may have leaders, and they may have pioneers, but they are the product of like-minded people, working together .... in harmony.

Don Robertson (
February 1, 2012